About Us

Al Hussaini Automation is a holistic Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protection (MEP) Company that was developed by Al Hussaini Holding Company and Semac Automation Co.

All disciplines are housed and managed within a single company in order to maximize coordination, communication and efficiency. This creates a truly legitimate MEP construction and services company.

The company was formed with the express mission of allowing property owners, developers, architects and general contractors to deliver their projects with a competitive edge. By including a holistic MEP service, they overcome the hurdle of determining whether they have a complete and compliant bid for the individual MEP disciplines. The typical grey areas and overlaps between those disciplines are cleared up by collecting them under one umbrella and leadership.

Al Hussaini Automation’s integrated coordination of multiple disciplines starts during the tender process, through its centralized pre-construction/estimations department. This allows the general contractors, architects, engineers and owners to address the numerous issues that may arise before the project is mobilized, and minimizes the amount of potential conflict in the field. In addition, the department will provide Value Engineering and Design Build assistance when necessary. The benefits of the integrated process are apparent throughout all project phases and we are confident that once you have allowed us to participate on one of your projects that you will be fully satisfied with the methodology and stream-lined approach we offer.