Convert Ep Filters To Bag Filters Line 2 Assiut Cement Co.

  • Location: Assiut- Egypt

Scope of work

  • Dismantling of old MCCs
  • Dismantling existing cables from the filter
  • Remove lighting and reinstallation of bag filters
  • Making necessary joint for shortage power cables
  • Rerouting from outgoing cable feed of MCC3 to spare feeder in LS panel
  • Supply, pull and connect new interface cables
  • Supply and install new MCCs for bag filters and conditioning tower
  • Supply, pull and connect new LCB cables between junction boxes under station and MCCs
  • Supply new junction box for LCBs under the station for the bag filters motor
  • Modifications in TAC panels, adding new signals
  • Modifications in PLC and ECS, adding new signals
  • Supply, pull and connect power and control cables
  • Supply and install digital junction box
  • Supply and install analogue junction box
  • Supply and install new pipes and support
  • Supply and install box with transmitter for thermocouples
  • Supply new earthing cables for filter
  • Modificationsin TAC Panels, adding new signal related to bag

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