Kattameya Cement Plant- Old Bypass Rapping Panel Project

  • Location: Kattameya – Egypt

Scope of work

  • Dismantle the old bypass MCC panel
  • Supply and install MCC and rapping panel
  • Supply and install PLC I/O modules panel
  • Supply and install cable tray
  • Supply and install JB
  • Connect the power cable to the new MCC
  • Pull and connect the power cable between new MCC and rapping panel
  • Reconnect all the old power cables to the equipment
  • Connect all the old LCB control cable to the new JB
  • Pull and connect control cables
  • Set (1 and 2) junction box and new PLC I/O panel for transformer signals
  • Pull and connect PROFIBUS cable between ne I/O PLC
  • Complete detailed engineering for electrical drawings
  • Time setting for 2 high tension sections
  • Modifications in ABB PLC software
  • Modification in graphic interface
  • Testing in the supplier’s site of all hardware and software
  • Start-up

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