Line 1 Alterantive Fuel Installation Scope Assiut Cement Co

  • Location: Assiut- Egypt

Scope of work

New MCC for alternative fuel

  • 4 VSD panels
  • New ACC box
  • New PLC panel including terminals blocks
  • Field sensors (LCBs, junction boxes)
  • New cable trays and pipes
  • Pulling power cables
  • Pulling control cables
  • Automation materials

Basic And Details Engineering Including:

  • Cables list
  • Motors list
  • Signals list
  • Logic diagram
  • Flow sheet
  • Station layout
  • MCC/PLC layout
  • Unit diagrams
  • Other necessary electrical documents


  • Complete commissioning of belt conveyors, BF fan, rotarty, etc.
  • Complete commissioning of entire system till startup
  • Startup and post commissioning including: Automation engineer in CCR electricians at DS 12, 24/24 hours

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